Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trustee Toolkit Workshop

The Oak Bluffs Public library was a host to a workshop for library trustees presented jointly by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) and Southeastern Massachusetts Library System (SEMLS).
Library trustees from all of the Island libraries had an opportunity to learn how the MBLC and SEMLS can assist them in providing service to their community. The speakers were:
Irving Zangwill, Commissioner, MBLC
Robert Maier, Director of the MBLC
Maureen Killoran, Head of Public Library Advisory Unit/Govenrment Liaison
Brian Donoghue, Librarian Research Services
Cindy Roach, SEMLS Regional Administrator
Cheryl Bryan, SEMLS Asst. Admin. for Consulting & Continuing Education.
Before the workshop, guests from MBLC were given a tour of the library and were happy to see it was being well used: a story hour was going on in the Children's program room, a book discussion in the Conference room, and many computer users in the reference area. They especially admired Margot Datz's artwork and her book end-pannels in the Children's room.

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